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Orzo Salad With Shades of Green

August 3, 2009
Orzo With Many Shade of Green

Orzo With Shades of Green

A few years ago my husband and I had the good luck to house sit for some friends. We had three weeks to wait before we could move into our new apartment and they were leaving town for three weeks on vacation. We had just spent six months living in a claustrophobic one bedroom, a term that is only accurate if a closet with a bed squeezed into it is your idea of a bedroom. Our friends live in a lovely craftsman house, a place where we immediately felt at home. Evenings, when we sat on their

Grapes we Picked

Grapes We Picked from the Trellis

back patio looking up at a trellis hanging with heavy, sweet grapes we thought, this is the life.

There are some houses that just reach out and embrace you. Others, not so much. Is it the people that inhabit the home and the relationships they have with each other that give a house a good feeling? Or, is the things they put in it that give a house its cozy, welcoming feeling?

While we were housesitting I came up with this recipe for Orzo Salad With Shades of Green. It is the sort of dish that has the same characteristics as the house we were staying in: simple but lovely.  Using only green vegetables along with herbs gives the salad its many shades of green. The garnish of Micro-Greens is a visually extravagant touch. This pasta salad can be made any time of year but it is really meant for summer. It is the type of salad to eat while sipping a crisp, white wine. Ideally, while sitting on someone’s back patio.

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