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Cinnamon Sugar Toast

August 21, 2009
Cinnamon Sugar Toast

Cinnamon Sugar Toast

I’ve been a bit under the weather lately.

Actually, “a bit” is downplaying what my body has been through but I don’t want to get in to the gritty details. It will have to suffice to say that even going near my kitchen recently has made me want to hurl. And eating – forget it. All the pleasure has been lost as of late, which is a true tragedy for a girl who loves to eat. I think I finally realize what it’s like to be a person who eats to live, rather than the other way around. It doesn’t suit me. I enjoy living to eat. Hopefully soon I’ll be back in my regular form and will post a whole slew of yummy recipes to help us all slowly slide out of summer into autumn. But until then, the best I’ve got is one of my childhood favorites, a snack for morning, noon or night.

Cinnamon Sugar Toast. It has been my salvation as of late. When I was a kid my mom kept a spice jar filled with a combination of powdered sugar and cinnamon right by the toaster. I would guess that about 90% of the toast I ate as a child had this magical combination sprinkled on top. For me, the toast has to be very dark, almost burnt. The butter should be slightly salty – even margarine is good in a pinch. You have to apply the light layer of powdered sugar and cinnamon quickly, so it melts into the butter before the toast cools. There is nothing more comforting, more stomach soothing and more appetizing than cinnamon toast when nothing else sounds good.

The other thing my mom used to make when I was sick was cracker soup. I think I’m going to skip that recipe, though. It involved Saltine crackers, butter and, I think, hot milk. Some recipes, no matter how much you loved them as a child, are best left in the past.

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  1. jay permalink
    August 23, 2009 12:40 am

    I remember as a kid, my mom would make cinnamon toast for my brother and I before school, and on the weekends sometimes. I feel like we went through a half-loaf each, and I completely agree with you about it. Just one of those perfect little flavor combinations. So simple, yet so tasty!

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