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Aromatic Salmon and Rice

September 11, 2009

priestlake1I returned yesterday from a week-long vacation at my family’s cabin up north. No cellphone reception, no internet, no television, and this year, no summer either. Autumn had officially arrived. Fleeting bouts of sunshine were pushed out by aggressive clouds that eventually formed into a storm,  knocking down a tree, knocking out the power and forcing us into a evening of Trivial Pursuit by candlelight. It wasn’t exactly the week of sipping gin and tonicspriestlake2 while sunbathing on the dock that I had imagined, but in a lot of ways I enjoyed getting to bundle up and sip hot coffee on some chilly mornings.

Now I’m back in Southern California, a place that doesn’t get many crisp fall days. Am I the only one in this city who is depressed by the endless days of summer?

My yearning for fall hasn’t quite pushed me into heavy autumnal recipes yet, but it has encouraged me to revisit a recipe that I ate for the first time while on vacation at the cabin last week. Aromatic Salmon and Rice doesn’t make me think of autumn, but it does make me think of a lazy, slightly chilly morning and a kitchen filling with the delicious smell of food that someone else is cooking. In this case the someone else was my sister-in-law and she definitely won this year’s award for Best Cabin Breakfast – not that cooking is a competition in my family, but eating does happen to be one of the main activities whenever we get together.

Aromatic Salmon and Rice

Aromatic Salmon and Rice

Aromatic Salmon and Rice can be served for breakfast or brunch, but is equally suitable for dinner with friends. I also like it packed up and eaten cold for lunch. The dish has Asian flavors but the rice tastes amazingly close to Rice-A-Roni. I mean this as a sincere compliment. Who, really, have you ever met that doesn’t like Rice-A-Roni?

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  1. October 2, 2009 7:22 pm

    This looks wonderful…I’ll have to try it soon.

    And as for so-cal autumns. I am SO over the heat. And the endless sun, for that matter. Which is why we are happily packing our bags and heading to Yosemite for the weekend. Sunday’s high should be 59 degrees. I can’t wait.

    Have a great weeekend!

    p.s. thanks for adding me to your blogroll!

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