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Beef Broth

September 27, 2009

How is it possible that more than a week has passed since I last wrote a post?

Cafe Ladro Cappucino

Cafe Ladro Cappuccino

Part of the problem is that I couldn’t resist a trip up to Seattle to see friends, eat at my new favorite bakery, drink copious amounts of espresso and take in a little local music. Needless to say, I did not bring my computer and no writing was going on. The second problem is that I’ve been cooking, but nothing has really wowed me. I try to only post recipes on this site that I think really turn out well; reliably good grub. While the meals I made this past week were fine for me and the husband, they weren’t inspired enough to share here. Hence, the lack of posts.

We all need a little help in the kitchen sometimes to kick our cooking up a notch. Sometimes this comes from reading cookbooks and food magazines  or other blogs.

Savory Choice Beef Broth

Savory Choice Beef Broth

Sometimes it comes from products that help us cheat a little bit. One that I especially like is Savory Choice concentrated beef broth. The flavor is much better than any other  broth I’vebroth_packetstried (and I’ve tried a lot – most taste like salty water) and the packaging is genius- instead of dumping half a box of broth down the drain after it sits in my fridge for a few weeks, I can use the concentrate to make 1 cup of broth at a time. Plus, the product is mostly  natural and doesn’t contain any chemical additives.
Let’s be honest here: when are you ever going to get around to making homemade beef broth? Me neither. I do make chicken broth from time to time, but I’m willing to bet the concentrated chicken or turkey broth made by Savory Choice is pretty good in a pinch.

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