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Simple Ginger Broth

October 7, 2009
Simple Ginger Broth

Simple Ginger Broth

It seems like every other person I’ve talked to this week is either sick or has sick kids at home. I came down with a bit of a sniffle myself on Sunday, but a good night’s sleep and a big dose of Airborne nipped it in the bud. What I really wanted though, and what I made the next day, was this simple ginger broth. It tastes much better than Airborne (what is in that neon yellow drink, anyway?) and is much more soothing. The



addition of ginger gives broth a spicy flavor that will warm you to your core. The broth is flavorful enough to sip straight from a mug or you can use it for the base of soup. I added some mushrooms and spinach to mine, and I especially love shrimp in ginger broth.

Of course, homemade broth is best, but when you’re feeling sick, there’s just no way you’re going to make a batch of chicken stock. I’ve found theWhole Foods 365 Organic Chicken Broth isn’t too bad, ditto for the Savory Choice concentrate. (see post below).

My freezer

My freezer

I dream of having a freezer one day that is slightly larger and most importantly, doesn’t give everything frostbite within a week. That way, I can stock up on homemade chicken broth each winter. Right now, my freezer is just big enough to hold a large bottle of vodka (plus two glasses, chilled for martinis) and a bag of frozen peas.

This recipe for chicken stock recommends starting “a very smart habit: Store necks, tails, wing tips, gizzards, hearts, backs, rib (breast) bones — anything except livers — in a gallon-size reclosable freezer bag in your freezer.”  Even if I had a bigger freezer I can tell you one thing, storing chicken bits in my freezer ain’t ever gonna happen. I prefer to make chicken_stockmy stock with a whole chicken, anyway. In a nod to my favorite and now deceased magazine, Gourmet, (sniff) I recommend Gourmet’s recipe for chicken stock, posted on Epicurious.

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