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Bulgur Salad with Chicken & Tarragon

October 21, 2009
Bulgur Salad with Chicken and Tarragon

Bulgur Salad with Chicken and Tarragon

Recipe: Bulgur Salad with Chicken and Tarragon

I used to constantly carry around a list of things to do on a piece of paper. Sometimes I wrote the list on a real piece of paper; often I wrote it on the backside of an envelope or some other scrap. Sometimes I went through stages where I organized my to do list by day of the week, or by category (short term, long term, things to buy, people to call) and sometimes it was just a long, endless list of everything from “call mom” to “renew car insurance.” Then a friend of mine declared that she was never going to write a to do list again. “It stresses me out to look at a list of everything I have to do,” she said, “and I don’t get anything done any faster.”

It took me awhile to admit she was right and to let go of what had become an obssesive habit. Soon after, I read a profile of some successful businessman who was president of some important company I can’t remember and he said that every day he writes a to do list then crosses off everything but the first two items. This was the key to his success. Every day he accomplished two things and over time, he got a lot done. Of course, this system is easier when you’re a big businessman who can cross things off the list like “get dry cleaning” or even “call mom” because you have assistants to do those sort of things for you. Nonetheless, I think he’s on to something.

One of the things I was carrying around in my head (since I don’t write long, useless to do lists anymore) was to eat more whole grains. We all know they are good for us in countless ways but to take the time to buy a new type of grain and figure out how to cook it took time and energy I didn’t have. Last week, however, I was motivated by a contest on a site I frequent, Culinate, to submit a recipe for a whole grain salad. I came up with Bulgur Salad with Chicken and Tarragon.

I accidently bought course grain bulgur, which is heartier than the fine grain bulgur used in salads like Tabbouleh, but once I figured out I had to boil course grain bulgur instead of just soaking it like fine grain, everything when smoothly from there. Sometimes whole grain salads taste a bit too earthy and whole-grainy to me, so the addition of chicken helped turn it into a more satisfying salad that can be packed for lunch.

You can vote for my Bulgur Salad with Chicken and Tarragon in the Culinate contest, or, just check out the site. I visit it quite a bit, especially their handy guide to eating and cooking whole grains.

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  1. Karla permalink
    October 21, 2009 6:48 pm

    Great recipes Jen! I enjoy reading your peices and as soon as I can play “indoors” I will be giving some of your recipes a try!

    When I make chicken I always have about 4 different ways I make it……….because the kids were all home and they liked the chicken prepared that way. They might not have always appreciated “gormet” cooking, so there was no need to go off track. 🙂 But now that it’s just Steve and I ….I will be trying some diferent recipes.

    Keep the good ideas coming,

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