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Roasted Chicken with Leeks While Waiting for Baby

November 2, 2010

Roasted Chicken with Leeks

Recipe: Roasted Chicken with Leeks

Total Cooking Time: 1 hour

What, exactly, does one do the week a baby is slated to make their entrance into the word? As it turns out, pretty much what you do every other week of the year: laundry, watering plants, talking to friends, running errands, cursing new pimples that appear out of nowhere, watching TV, reading, etc… Will it be tonight? Friday morning? Next week? Who knows. All you can do is keep on keeping on, as if a major life event isn’t about to happen.

Although the waiting is torture, I am thoroughly enjoying the fact that gloriously absent from my daily routine is work, as I am now officially, fully on maternity leave and under doctor’s orders to “get a good book, relax and put your feet up.” Seriously. Who would not want to hear those words come out of their doctor’s mouth?

Browned Chicken

Feeling like a lady of leisure, I decided to roast a chicken in white wine and leeks in the middle of the afternoon. The chicken was juicy and flavorful, the leeks sweet and mellow and the white wine reduced into a brothy sauce that begs for a fluffy mound of mashed potatoes. If I can whip up this roast chicken while 9  months pregnant, then certainly you can too. It’s easy and pretty much fool-proof, enough to feed four or have plenty of leftovers for two.

Leeks in Wine

Before you get too jealous of my delicious Monday, you should know that I only have one pair of pants left that fit me, I couldn’t drink any of the wine leftover from the recipe, and yesterday I sat through not one, but two, stories of other women’s “very painful” first labors. And sometime later this month, when you’re sound asleep and cozy in bed at 3 a.m., I will likely be awake, doing whatever it is that those little creature’s called newborns demand at such an hour.

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  1. Ashley permalink
    November 2, 2010 4:20 pm

    This looks delicious! I remember being very productive waiting waiting waiting! Can’t wait to see what you post as a mom. I need some recipes. Good luck!!

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