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Oatmeal Olive Oil Breakfast Cookies

March 16, 2011

Raw Oatmeal Olive Oil Dough

Recipe: Oatmeal Olive Oil Cookies
Total Cooking Time: 30-ish minutes

For those days when you’re feeling a little low, maybe even a bit old & washed up & like all your wild and crazy days are behind you, let me offer you this pathetic little morsel to make you feel much younger & wilder and crazier than I:

The other night I was so buzzed from CHOCOLATE that I couldn’t fall asleep.

Let me repeat that: I was so buzzed from CHOCOLATE that I couldn’t fall asleep. Not drugs. Not alcohol. Not even a late-afternoon espresso. A frickin bar of dark chocolate apparently had enough caffeine in it that I was all jittery and jumpy and lay awake wasting precious hours sleep. Is this what it’s come to? Is there no pleasure to be had from life anymore? Do I now have to regulate my chocolate intake after 5pm? I’m beginning to feel like I’m 35 going on 70.

As if being kept awake by chocolate wasn’t geriatric enough, take a gander at what I’ve been eating for breakfast pretty much every day for the past 4 months:

Oatmeal. And I’m not eating it for health reasons, I’m eating it because I actually like the stuff. My husband finds this hard to believe. He refers to it as “the morning gruel” and although I’ve been trying to force it on him for years, he only indulges me occasionally by eating a bowl that is mostly blueberries with a little bit of oatmeal mixed in.

I got hooked on oatmeal in my twenties when I lived in Seattle and one of my regular weekend breakfast spots served it with whole cream drizzled generously on top. These days, it’s usually almond milk, plus a pinch of salt and maybe some maple syrup, berries or walnuts, although I have been known to occasionally still drown my oatmeal in cream.  But the thing about oatmeal is that it tastes really good until it doesn’t, and then it’s like choking down a bowl of glue. It doesn’t help that the oatmeal I’ve been eating since O. was born isn’t the slow-cooked kind, it’s the tear-open-the-package-and-nuke-it for-60-seconds kind.  Finally, this week, I just couldn’t deal with another bowl of the stuff.

But sitting in my pantry were  two containers of old fashioned oats that I had bought before having a baby forced me to embrace the instant stuff. Part of me wanted to chuck the oats in the trash, but the practical 75-year-0ld me that can’t stand to waste food got creative, and this is what I came up with:

Oatmeal Olive Oil Cookies

They look like regular oatmeal cookies, don’t they? But these are even better than regular oatmeal cookies because you can eat them for breakfast.

With the exception of a little baking soda, oil and flour, these cookies contain exactly the same ingredients you would put into a bowl of oatmeal, only they’re a lot more fun to eat. And lest you think I’m getting too wild and crazy with this cookies for breakfast kick, you should know that the flour is whole wheat and the oil is olive oil. I’m not sure why all of us have been using vegetable oil or butter in cookies all these years. As it turns out, olive oil tastes great in oatmeal cookies, and I even like using a fairly strong-flavored oil so the olive-y flavor comes though a bit.

But possibly the best part about these cookies is that the batter contains no eggs, so if you end up eating half of it before the cookies get in the oven, no biggie. And if you bake the cookies then eat six of them with your morning coffee, just tell yourself that it’s practically as healthy as eating a bowl of oatmeal. And make sure to eat them after your husband leaves for work and the only witness is your 4-month old daughter, because so far, she’s pretty good at keeping secrets.

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  1. Husband permalink
    March 19, 2011 5:23 pm

    Aha! I thought so, eating the cookies when I’m not at home…

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