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Summer in the Winter

December 2, 2011
Mixed Veggie Salad with Soy Honey Dressing

Mixed Veggie Salad with Soy Honey Dressing

Recipe: Mixed Salad with Soy Honey Dressing
Total Cooking Time: 35 minutes

Wednesday night at 2am as I lay in the double bed in O’s room, spooning my daughter in the most uncomfortable position possible with one hand gripping her sleep sack so she didn’t roll out of bed, I had two thoughts: 1. How does anyone sleep with a 1-year-old and actually get any sleep? 2. So this is what it’s like to have weather!  (Then around 3am I had another thought: Why don’t I ever get around to buying batteries for our flashlights and where are the flashlights, anyway?)

Real weather is so completely non-existent in LA that when a storm hits, the howling, whipping wind is such a shocking sound that there’s no way to sleep through it. We were all up, all night. Once the wild storm that downed trees all over our neighborhood passed, the following night was perfectly calm and today it’s a beautiful 65 degrees.  This mish-mash of seasons, winter one day, summer the next, is something I’ve never gotten used to. It always makes me feel a little lost and confused.

It does, however, give me an excuse to keep eating what I consider to be a summer salad even though December is now here. This mixed salad with soy and honey dressing was our go-to dinner this past summer, a relatively quick and easy meal that we ate once week without ever growing tired of it. Eventually I phased the salad out, but with all the sunny weather we’re having right now (minus that very stormy night) the craving struck again. If you live somewhere that’s about to be buried in snow, this salad will transport you to a warmer place. It’s crisp and refreshing, just salty enough and satisfying enough to be a full meal. You can change it up in a hundred different ways, which is probably why I never grown tired of it. I usually add chicken, but tofu or mushrooms are great,too. What makes this salad really easy for me is that I buy most of the veggies pre-chopped and cleaned from Trader Joes. Pre-chopped veggies were something I would neverstoop to before I had a baby, but I tell you what, they’re a lifesaver when you’re trying to cook dinner  while a tiny human who’s greatest ambition in life is to drop your iphone in the toilet tears around the house.

Purple Basil in my yard. It grew well until yesterday, Dec 1st

Purple Basil in my yard. It grew well until yesterday, Dec 1st

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