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What You Eat When You’re Exhausted After a Vacation

June 29, 2012

The problem with going on vacation once you have kids is that the two days after vacation are so unbelievably exhausting you almost regret going in the first place. The piles of laundry. The toilet that broke while you were gone (and you only have 1 toilet in the house). The realization that the work deadline you put out of your mind while away is rapidly approaching… these things have a way of zapping all my energy.

Plus, O has suddenly turned into a random eater. I wouldn’t go as far as saying she’s picky because she still eats a wide variety of foods, but what exactly she’s in the mood for is anyone’s guess. Salmon with mashed potatoes and peas and carrots on the side? No thanks, Mom! I’d rather dump that plate on the floor and eat a bowl filled with almond butter and raspberry jam. Chicken and rice (once a sure thing)..Nah. How ’bout I sprinkle that around my highchair and have some feta cheese and a frozen waffle instead?

Tonight I’m not even going to attempt to cook a real meal for her. I’m guessing she’ll end up eating something like scrambled eggs dipped in ketchup (why did I ever introduce her to ketchup?)

Raw Kale Salad

Raw Kale Salad

As for Sorin and I, we’ll be eating this raw kale salad that I just posted a recipe for on It’s yummier than it sounds and might just become your favorite summer salad. Plus, you can gloat all evening about healthy you are. Have some meat or fish or a little pasta on the side and you’ll be completely satisfied. Check it out the kale salad on and I’ll be back with a new recipe as soon as I’ve recovered from my vacation.

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