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Carrot Top Pesto

October 7, 2012

Carrot Top Pesto

Yesterday, I was supposed to be working. Instead, I made carrot top pesto and played in a cardboard fort. Not what I use to do on the rare day that I played hooky from work, but a good time was had by all.

We’ve been under the weather over here, so it was nice to see the little one full of energy again. So much energy, that I had to come up with some new ways to wear her out.

Fun in a Cardboard Box

Remember how much fun an empty cardboard box use to be? You can read in it, arrange your stuffed animals, lay down with a pillow and kick the sides while singing the alphabet song. At least that’s what was happening in O’s room while I made a batch of carrot top pesto.

Baby Carrots. These weren’t actually setting on the floor. My ugly kitchen countertops just look like a cheap wood floor. 

You can eat the green tops of carrots. Who knew? It seems so obvious now and so sad that I’ve always lopped the green off and thrown it away. Turns out that it makes killer pesto. The pesto has a little bite to it and the same subtle earthiness that carrots have. I loved it, Sorin liked it, and O said after eating an entire bowl of noodles and carrot pesto, “Not too bad” (she’s a tough critic).

The recipe is from Diane Morgan’s new cookbook, “Roots.” You can find the recipe for carrot top pesto on the Culinate website.  This recipe is exactly why I love cookbooks.  Just when you’re feeling bored with the whole food scene,  a single recipe can inspire so many new ideas.

Recipe note: Whip up a double batch, as the recipe doesn’t make a huge amount. I didn’t have pine nuts so instead I used sliced almonds that I toasted for a few minutes in a pan.

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