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About Busy Girls

The Busy Girls' Cookbook by Margot Finletter Mitchell

“The Busy Girls’ Cookbook” by Margot Finletter Mitchell. Published by Coward-McCann Inc., 1952

The inspiration for this site came from two things. The first is a group of girls I have known since we truly were girls. Now we are women with husbands and kids but it still feels to all of us that we will eternally be girls: young at heart, optimistic and always on a quest to figure out what we want to do with our lives (and what we’re going to eat next).

The second inspiration was a cookbook published in 1952 that I stumbled upon after already naming my site The Busy Girls’ Cookbook. The author, Margot Finletter Mitchell, would fit in just fine with my group of friends. She gives recipe instructions like, “add everything else and mash away. This will kill you but there musn’t be streaks of cream cheese” and “all those ropes of cheese (in fondue) are horribly indigestible, but worth it.” Ms. Mitchell is a cook who wants to impress and nurture and satisfy cravings with the food she cooks, but clearly (just check out that cigarette in her hands) she has much more fabulous things to be doing than slaving in the kitchen all day.

And so my site became The (modern) Busy Girls’ Cookbook, a guide for modern girls who love to eat well but also just need to get food on the table. It is for girls who need recipes that are easy enough to cook over and over again and gourmet enough to satisfy cravings for interesting food.

Aside from this blog, I’m a freelance food writer specializing in recipe and cookbook development. I spent ten years working in pretty much every aspect of the food industry, from restaurants and cheese and wine shops to a few hideous years picking up soul-killing catering gigs. You can learn more about me at or contact me any time at jmeierwrites at

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